Start a Farm!

Decide What Kind of Farm You Want

If you want to make a living farming, then you likely want to start a proper small farm and look at running it as an enterprise. If you are retired or have other income and just want to farm on the side, for fun, then you want a hobby farm. Homesteaders usually set a goal of living self-sufficiently.

Get Permits

Local and state law may vary when it comes to the requirements for establishing a small farm business. But the basics are the same: you will probably need to register your name, procure a license, get an employer identification number, and carry product liability insurance.

Farm Products Marketing

Farmers' Markets

The farmers' market can be a great place for you to sell your produce. Farmers' markets usually run weekly. Some run only from spring through fall, but more and more move indoors for winter. Sometimes they reduce the frequency from weekly to monthly during the winter months.


By approaching restaurants directly, you can develop a relationship with a chef or chefs and learn what products they want on a regular or occasional basis for their menus. More and more, chefs value locally sourced, uber-fresh ingredients grown with care and sustainably.

The Internet

If you have products that can be shipped, you can directly sell them online and fulfil orders from the farm.

Prominent Types of Farms

Crop farm

These farms grow fruits, vegetables, or grain. Most large-scale industrial farms are monoculture farms, meaning they grow only one type of crop at a time. Smaller farms tend to be more diversified.

Fish farm

Also called aquaculture, fish farming is booming. It involves raising large quantities of fish in large tanks. Well-managed fish farms are sustainable, clean, and can produce high-quality fish.

Subsistence farm

This type of farm is not meant to provide income, but would ideally produce all needed food, year-round. This is becoming increasingly popular among people who wish to live “off the grid.”

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